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Wander River is a small family business that we operate from our home in Canada. We had stressful corporate careers, poor diets based on animal products, bought things we didn't need, and we desperately needed to make changes to our lives. We became minimalist vegans, and reduced our consumption. We embarked on a process of transforming our lives and this online store celebrates these changes with many of the products that you see up for sale.

We're 2 designers with 4 kids, but not all the products you see on Wander River were designed by us. We offer space for others to sell their art and other products on our website.

Wander River offers wholesale pricing for fundraising events and retail stores. If you are interested in wholesale pricing, please contact us with details about your event or small business.

Retailers are permitted to resell our products in their own brick and mortar store, or on their own website. Retailers are not permitted to resell our products on websites such as Etsy, eBay, Amazon or Poshmark.

If you have a unique product that you think would fit our customer base, please tell us about it. We would love to share our space and grow together with you.


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